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Subj:  Tech Tuesdays: Event Announcement - Please Forward 
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Subject:    Tech Tuesdays: Event Announcement - Please Forward

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Tech Tuesdays: Event Announcement -Please ForwardWhat: "Tech Tuesdays" a social networking experience for DC¹s TechnologyCommunity at The Cada Vez Conference Center & Restaurant. Share your ideas,have fun and learn about opportunities and initiatives relating totechnologyin the DC Metropolitan Area.³Tech Tuesdays² will provide weekly happy hours that will unite allelements of DC¹s technology community, from large corporations toneighborhood non-profits. Area Tech professionals will share knowledge andexperience with community builders around the common interest of technology.Come out and live this new experience for yourself.When:Tuesday March 12, 2002 6:00PM- 9:00PM"Technology and Non-Profits" :Meet and Hear From -Gerald Peppers, PresidentBlack Data Processors Associates, Washington, D.C. ChapterPreview the Submissions for the "Techno Rodeo" -A Youth Competition taking place March 16, from 11-3 at Cada VezWhere:Cada Vez Conference Center and Restaurant1438 ³U² Street, NWU Street/Cardozo ­ Metro Station (Green Line)202.667.2500 PhoneHosts: Dr. Ernest and Kathy Simo, Owners of Cada Vez andFounders of Space 2000 ( http://www.cdmaonline.com/ )***Happy Hour Drink and Appetizer Prices from 6-9 PM***Local Community Sponsors:Community IT Innovators (CITI)Digital Community Project of Columbia Heights and ShawTechnology Works For GoodTechno Rodeo-A Competition and Showcase for YouthFor More Information about Tech Tuesdays or sponsorship informationcontact Gregory Bowyer - http://us.f123.mail.yahoo.com/ym/Compose?To=gbowyerjr@hotmail.com&YY=99306&order=down&sort=date&pos=0 - 202 744-8162 orScott Pomeroy - http://us.f123.mail.yahoo.com/ym/Compose?To=pxleyes@bellatlantic.net&YY=99306&order=down&sort=date&pos=0 - 202.667.6524The weekly series of "Happy Hours" occurring Tuesday nights at Cada Vez, thenew High-Tech restaurant and conference center at 1438 U Street, NW. Theevent is the beginning of networking and social gatherings that will bringthe entire Metropolitan DC Technology Community together. The varioussectors involved in technology: government, corporate, neighbors,foundations, non-profits, community groups, schools, will gather anddiscuss the latest technology happenings and issues.Residents and corporations will learn about the community initiatives.Non-profits will hear about resources they never knew existed, and thegovernment can inform people about new laws that all sectors of the techsociety can take advantage of utilizing. Learn about opportunities firsthand from the local event sponsors, including the Digital Community Projectof Columbia Heights and Shaw and Technology Works for Good. We encourage youto come out and see this event for yourself.About the Local Community Sponsors supported by Tech Tuesdays:Digital Community Project of Columbia Heights and Shaw: "Harnessing thepowerof technology to improve the quality of life for all our neighbors."The Digital Community Project launched in late 2000 by the ColumbiaHeights/Shaw Family Support Collaborative and its national technologypartner, One-Economy Corporation ( http://www.one-economy.com/ ), to expandneighborhood access to technology across racial and economic lines. TheProject brings together the long-term Collaborative members alongside newcivic and business partners for strategic planning to carry out concretetechnology-based projects in the neighborhoods. Since its inception, thisgroup has organized group events, public workshops, empowerment programs,andfocus groups to define and implement a coherent strategic vision based on anunderstanding of neighborhood technology needs.Technology Works For Good ( http://www.technologyworks.org/members/)-Technology Works for Good (TWFG) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization thatserves as a catalyst for improving the capacity of member nonprofitorganizations to use technology to expand their reach, efficiency and impactin their communities.TWFG's consulting services, educational events, and peer networkingopportunities offer nonprofit leaders access to the knowledge and supportthey need to make strategic decisions to harness the power of technology fortheir organizations.These offerings are backed by high-level partnerships with AOL Time Warner,Microsoft, Cisco Systems, Verizon and more than a dozen local technologyproviders who discount or donate hardware, software, training and technicalsupport to member nonprofits.Community IT Innovators (CITI): (http://www.citidc.com/), located on UStreet,NW in Washington, DC, is a company that specializes in using technologycreatively in support of nonprofit organizations.We are a group of skilled computer consultants with a desire to serve thecommunity. To this end we dedicate ourselves to supporting organizations andindividuals that are addressing critical social, environmental, andeducational concerns.